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Insinkerator Waste Disposal Units


The Insinkerator is more than a waste disposal unit. Get ready to say goodbye to your food waste both quickly and hygienically, without the risk of unsightly leftovers and the chore of dealing with the odour from the food waste bin.

What is an Insinkerator? You might know them by their American name of “Garbage disposal units”. Quite simply, the Insinkerator is a grinding unit which you install underneath your kitchen sink’s plug hole. With up to 20% of your landfill waste suitable for disposal through an Insinkerator instead, why wouldn’t you want to install one?

Insinkerator’s food waste disposers are an absolute must-have for your modern kitchen. Once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder how you managed without it. Not only does it give you a really practical solution to a very messy problem, it’s a great way to tackle the ever increasing problem which is food waste. It’s also really easy to use. Get the cold tap running, and place the food scraps in to your sink.

Insinkerator Food Waste Disposers

The water flushes the waste into the plug hole, and you activate your Insinkerator’s grinder. Cold water from the tap sends the food waste down the plug hole, into the waiting Insinkerator, which gets rid of it quietly, quickly and efficiently by chopping and shredding the food debris into tiny pieces which can be easily flushed through the waste pipes of your home, without risk of clogging up the pipes or causing blockages. Whether you’ve got a septic tank, or your waste water heads off to the local water treatment facility, an Insinkerator is compatible with your plumbing.

You may be surprised at what you can send down to your Insinkerator. They’re a lot stronger than you’d think, with entry level models able to cope with tough challenges like pineapple rinds and corn cobs. More advanced models will take bones, egg shells and nut shells without any problems.

Another bonus to the Insinkerator is how very easy they are to install. You can follow the helpful instructions on their website, or hire a professional plumber and electrician who’ll have your Insinkerator up and running in no time at all.

For a clean and hygienic kitchen, an Insinkerator is the perfect accessory, from the world leading experts in waste disposal systems. Say goodbye to smelly bins and sacks of scraps, and hello to a responsible and convenient way to get rid of your food waste.

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